Kippis 1.11

This is about the WordPress theme Kippis.

Screenshot of the Kippis Theme

Screenshot of the Kippis Theme

Kippis is quite flexible. It features one, two, or three columns.

You can have zero, one or two sidebars; separate settings for the regular blog post view, single posts, galleries and pages.

Up to four footer areas (like sidebars, but at the bottom).

It has support for most, if not all, smartphones.

A number of colors can be set, like the main areas, widget areas, headings and links. Custom background images for the body element and the header. Separate settings for mobile devices.

Includes a “Featured Post” widget, to show excerpts of posts and pages in the sidebars.

Kippis is currently available in two languages, english and swedish (since those are the ones I know).


Images in the post format Gallery can look like this:


WordPress theme: Kippis 1.15