Kippis 1.14 released

New in this version:

  • The width of the content area is no longer necessarily dependant of the header image, i.e. you can have a small header image and a wide site, if you wish.
  • The CSS code was generated at every page load. Not so anymore. It’s generated, and saved, only when saving the Theme Options.
  • Fixed so that Kippis looks better with Internet Explorer 8, and older.
  • Introduced a “Show advanced options” checkbox (in Theme Options/General). Check this if you know what you’re doing.
  • You can add any additional CSS styling that you want. It will be sent to the browser after all generated CSS. You find it in Theme Options/General.
  • The menu can be placed on either side of the header image (above or below, that is). Or you can have no menu at all.
  • You can choose whether to display the author and/or date of posts.
  • Theme News: You may optionally display the latest news about Kippis, like the latest version and new translations, on the Theme Options main page.
  • Optionally show the excerpts for blog posts (the first post might still show in full, if you like), and archive pages.
  • Support for a secondary menu, above or below the footer.
  • Six languages are now supported: English, Swedish, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. Spanish, Italian, and French lack a few translations, mainly in the admin area.

You can get it from (soon), or you can download it here.


Now, I got to update those manual pages…
Edit: I now have updated those manual pages!


Kippis Forum

I finally found a light-weight forum. WordPress comments isn’t really ideal for support, so I’m trying to move such stuff into the forum.

I’m trying the Mingle Forum. Let’s hope it can do the job. It was extremely easy to set up, so there’s one plus already.

The forum is in the menu, and here.

Who’ll be the first to post something? :)


Kippis, the next one

I’ve spent some time catching up on things, giving support and such. I still don’t have a huge amount of time (see I’m not dead), but I feel I have to move ahead, since it’s been over two months since the last major release.

So, I have dived into The Todo File. And this is your opportunity to have a say in what goes in there, before I close it for the 1.14 version. Is there anything you want to see in Kippis? Anything stupid you want removed? Anything else?

I also want to know if anyone can add translations to Kippis. I now got English, Swedish, Spanish, and German.


Kippis 1.13.3 – now in german

Thanks to Stephan Gärtner at, Kippis is now available in four languages.

English, Swedish, Spanish, and German.

The zip can be found in the download area.


And yes, the only difference in this version is the translation.

It seems a bit silly to release a separate version for “just” another language pack, but that’s the way it works; to update a theme, even to correct a minor spelling error, you have to release a new version.


I’m not dead

I just had to get away from Kippis (and other stuff here). I had badly ignored what pays the rent, Kippis was just too fun, so I finally had to focus on what generates money.

Anyway, I hope to have things sorted this month.

I will try to answer some of the questions, but I can’t spend too much time here in a while.

Please be patient.



I just noticed:
Kippis reached 10000 downloads at yesterday!


I don’t know, but it seems quite good. After all, it’s only been available for two months and one day.


Now what?

Now that version 1.13 of Kippis is released, we’re done with the styling of a site, at least for now. (It got rather complex in the end, so complex that we might include a “Show advanced options” checkbox for the next release.)

So, now we turn to functionality. What do you want to be able to change in Kippis?

Please post your wishlist here, or in the Feature Requests section.


Kippis 1.13 released

New in this version:

  • Changed the default for “Search box in the header” to “no”.
  • In a multisite/network installation, you had to be “super admin” to access Theme Options. Not so anymore.
  • The Notes/Notes text will not be reset by Reset.
  • The sidebars now has coloring.
  • Fonts can be set for Body, Captions, Comments, Primary menu, Sidebars, and Site headings.
  • Border radius can be set for Articles, Widgets, and Comments.
  • Text-alignment, set in Body, can be chosen to be left, right, center, or justify.
  • Quotes (HTML tag: blockquote) can have its own font and colors.
  • You can choose to repeat the body background image horizontally, vertically, both, or not at all.

You can get it from (soon), or you can download it here.


Announcing Kippis 1.12

New in this release:

  • The search box was a bit silly if used in a sidebar. Fixed.
  • The search box in the header can be at the top or bottom of the header. It can also be disabled altogether.
  • More coloring options.
  • Both sidebars can now be put on the same side, left or right, of the content area.
  • A special header image can be used for mobile devices.
  • Enable/disable the showing of the Site Title and Tagline. Separate settings for mobile devices.
  • Mobile devices can have a separate menu, or no menu at all.
  • Header image can be scaled, up or down.
  • The header search box can be disabled for mobile devices too.
  • A separate header image for mobile devices.


You can get it from (soon), or you can download it here.

Kippis 1.11 approved

I am now a happy bunny again!

I asked a few questions in the reviewers’ mailing list and – WHAM!

Lots of knowledgable people answered and helped me.

So, my previous annoyance with the “higher powers” are now back to admiration for all the work they do. And they really do work hard for the mon… eh… for nothing! Like me, but on a much grander scale.

Kippis 1.11 is now available at!


Kippis 1.10 not approved

I am a bit annoyed with the review team at the moment.

The reviewer found a couple of trivial things, marked it as not approved and closed the subject. Just like that, without even trying to ask me anything.

What’s confusing is that none of the things remarked upon have been changed since the last version were approved, with flying colors.

I fixed what I thought would be sufficient, and wrote to the reviewer within an hour, asking if what I just fixed would be enough. I got no answer, so I guess the closing means that no-one reads stuff regarding the review anymore. So, I uploaded it again. But since “the last version” now is a not approved one, it ended up last in the queue with the worst priority level.

Since I really think this is a significant upgrade, with some good stuff in it, it’s available for download here.

Who knows how long it will take to get a review this time? It took 47 days to get the first version approved, and now it is in a queue even further back. And what if my fixes aren’t enough? It will probably take a few months until I know. It would have cost the reviewer one minute of his/her time to answer that question.

It is HARD to give away good stuff!


If you are interested, the so called ‘ticket’ is here, with comments and all.


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